Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

8.1 In order to provide you with the services and products that you access through this website we will hold certain personal information relating to you in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.


8.2 By your provision of your personal information or that of other peoples information you agree to us using such information for our operation of this website and for the purpose of providing you with services and products.


8.3 The information you provide will be stored securely and information containing payment or account details will be encrypted


8.4   We will not disclose your information to any third party except where necessary for the general operation of the website and in order to provide services and products to you.


8.5   You shall be responsible for the accuracy of the personal information held by us and we shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or problems arising from your provision of inaccurate information.


8.6          We will not disclose details of your personal information unless legally     required to do so


8.7          We may contact you periodically with details of our products or services either via e-mail, post or text message. If you do not wish to receive further such notices from us you will be given the opportunity to opt out at the time of receipt.


8.8          We may use “Cookies” which is a form of technology that can track behaviour patterns of visitors to our website and which in turn can help to customize your viewing experience when you visit our website or receive notices from us. The Cookies are stored in your browser and require your acceptance to enable them to be enacted. You may not accept Cookies when requested but you must be aware that non acceptance will alter the functionality of our website and may alter your viewing experience.